Transpersonal Psychotherapist

What is Transpersonal Psychotherapy?

TRANS-PERSONAL – that which is beyond the personal, the individual ego; transcendent; spiritual; linking personality and spirit.

TRANSPERSONAL PSYCHOLOGY – a school of psychological theory and practice founded by Abraham Maslow in the 1960s; a spiritually-oriented approach to the human being; a psychology of the integration of personality and spirit.


  • is a one-to-one counseling process which facilitates the journey of self-discovery
  • provides a safe and supportive environment in which to explore the healing and integration of body, emotions, mind and spirit
  • is a process which focuses on healing of the personality; growth of the whole person; and the awakening of spiritual potential
  • is a psychology of the soul, much needed in this time of post-millenial stress
  • is a non-medical approach to psychotherapy.