Past Life Regressions

In recent years a number of renowned psychologists have presented cogent understanding of ways in which traumatic experiences in a previous lifetime can affect our psycho-emotional functioning. Psychiatrist Dr. Brian Weiss, and the Jungian analyst Dr. Roger Woolger, among others, have trained therapists and healers to evoke and help heal past life memories. In past life therapy one can, potentially, encounter in the depth of the psyche all memory: events of this life time, including early childhood memories, prenatal memories, traumas of the birth canal, as well as events from times immemorial, lifetimes of other existences.

Past life regression sessions are two hours long. Using music, deep relaxation, guided imagery, somatic release and internal dialogue processes, one can encounter and transform traumatic past life memories. In these sessions, a blend of personal psychology, collective mythology, prenatal, infant and childhood memories, and past life experiences may appear.

Through openness to the mystery of the psyche there can be a transformative healing of memories leaving one with a deeper sense of personal empowerment and connection in this lifetime.