Adult Education and Scholar-in-Residence Programs

Jewish Views of the Afterlife

Jewish Death Rituals: Past, Present & Future

Jewish Tradition and Bereavement Counseling Skills

From Mourning to Meaning: Judaism and the Bereavement Journey

Going to “Kaddish College”: Guidelines for the Orphaned Adult

The Jewish Funeral

Jewish Hospice: Philosophical and Practical Considerations

Near-Death Experiences in Judaism

Journey of the Soul in Jewish Mysticism

Do Jews Believe in Reincarnation and Past Lives ?

Remembering the Generations: Introduction to Jewish Genealogy

Guidelines for the Hevra Kadisha: Establishing A Caring Community

Death, Bereavement & Spirituality: Workshop for Helping Professionals

Walking the Mourner’s Path: A Grief Workshop

Ghosts, Wandering Spirits and Reincarnating Souls: Afterlife Tales in Jewish Folk Tradition