Spiritual Direction Sessions

When the search for God, meaning, and connection in life seems to be at a crossroads, working with a Spiritual Director may be especially helpful to explore new methods of prayer, meditation, and deeper ways discerning the call of Spirit. When one feels a yearning to deepen their spiritual work, and to uncover new layers of spiritual knowing and being; when one feels a need for a companionship and a guide on the spiritual journey, this may be a good time to explore working with a Spiritual Director. Regardless of one’s spiritual orientation, understanding of God (or lack thereof) or religious background, I am available and honored to serve as a Spiritual Director.

Spiritual Direction sessions are usually held once a month, however, this is only a guideline and can be held more or less frequently. I have felt the call to work as a Spiritual Director since 1999, and will gladly answer questions and concerns you might have about Spiritual Direction sessions.

If You Listen

If you listen, really listen to the words of teaching that I give you this day:
That is: to love God and serve God wholeheartedly,
Then the difficulties of this life will seem less harsh, because God’s
presence will guide you.
Be careful not to think that your accomplishments are yours alone, rather
remember that it is God’s grace that empowers you.

Know that you are part of the cycles of this life,
that what you do will come back to you:
That if you do not love yourself, the world will appear loveless
That if you do not respect the godliness in others,
God’s presence will not be apparent to you;
That if you do not recognize God as the source of your strength,
your strength may sometimes fail you;
That if you put toxins into your air, earth, and water,
they will reappear as poisons in your food.

Remember that these consequences result from losing touch with your God, therefore you must concentrate on keeping God ever present in your life.

One way that you can do this is by keeping that God-connection close, close to your heart and to your eyes, so that you experience the world from a place of holiness.

Put symbols of holiness on your hands, in order to remember that your hands do good work, that is God’s work.
See God reflected in all the doings and beings of your life.
See God reflected in your children and teach them this way of living.

Work hard on this connectedness, knowing that it will not be easy,
but knowing that it could give you peace of mind.
Then with God’s help may you live contentedly here,
on this planet which God gives you, for as long as the heavens are above the earth.

Interpretive translation of Deut. 11:13-21
Rabbi Dina-Hasida Mercy